Live Jazz Combos = Classy and Fun!

diane-martinson-singer450Often we are contracted for both ceremony reception music. JJ (pianist) and I (vocalist) provide the wedding ceremony music, and then transition right over into jazz cocktail & dinner music in an adjoining room. It really keeps the celebratory vibrations high when a live Jazz trio or quartet is playing while everyone is going through the receiving line and socializing. Having a vocalist with the jazz music  (swing and fun easy listening styles) adds a touching flair of as the crowd hear the romantic lyrics serenading them.

There have been so many times that people have come over to thank me for singing a particular song, such as Wonderful World, or Unforgettable, that has a special meaning to them. Even though we are in the background of the cocktail hour & dinner we certainly  know they appreciate our presence and like to see the music happening in real time by all the wonderful feedback we receive. We love bringing special music to events and being a part of an unforgettable atmosphere.


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