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F.A.Q. for Diane Martinson Music, Inc.

What are your rates?

For current rates visit the price estimate page Ceremony and reception music services can be combined to save you time and money; a discount will show on the estimate page. Contact Diane with any questions concerning specific fees for- special song requests, extra equipment needed, mileage charges, December /holiday rates, or other special event details.

What's your Business Contact Information?

Diane's office phone 9:30am to 4:30pm Monday-Friday (952) 920-3064, online 24 hours, www.Dianemusic.com at diane@dianemusic.com email response is within 24 hours. Fax: (855) 427-2686. Mobile Text: (612) 460-7464. Twitter: @Dianemusic
The Mailing address is: Diane Martinson Music, Inc. 6304 Barrie Rd. Suite #2A Edina, MN 55435

Do you carry Business Commercial Liability Insurance?

Yes, Diane Martinson Music, Inc. is Commercial liability insured. If you require a certification sent and I'll fax it to you.

How do I proceed to book you for my date? (for vocalist or bands)

After gathering the info from the web pages, please send an email to Diane Martinson to check on your date and time. List the hours needed (or approximate), the musicians, location, schedule, any special request or questions, and Diane will confirm an estimate and availability. Next, reserve your date on the calendar by sending the Printable Booking /deposit Form found on the web pages - then email a PDF, fax, or mail it in with a deposit check (or credit payment). The date will be secured for you when your deposit is received, and a confirmation receipt will be sent to you. You can find the printable booking /deposit link from the musicians' web page. The deposit money required is stated on the form. A contract will be provided to you within days of payment.

Do you have a different rate for Sunday events?

We have the same rates for weekend bookings or our weekday bookings. A few Holiday dates such as New Years Eve may have additional charges, ask Diane. For current rates visit the price estimate page

What is the deposit needed, does it go towards the total bill, or just to book you?

Yes, the paid deposit is deducted from the total bill, and will be reflected in the contract. Once received the deposit will secure the musician or band for your date. The amount of deposit needed is stated on the online Printable Booking /deposit form found on each groups web page. *If booking multiple music services you may include more than one deposit amount and information on just one form.

When will I receive a contract?

An emailed PDF contract (or fax) will be sent within the next 48 hours. If regular mail is requested a copy of the contract will be mailed out within days of your deposit payment. Contracts are created after the printable booking information / deposit form is received unless their is an unusual time constraint.

When is the remaining balance due?

The balance is due by check to Diane Martinson Music, Inc. in Edina one week in advance of the event date if paying by credit card. Check payments are due by four days before your event. Special arrangements may be made for last minute bookings. *Payments that are later than the contracted date will be billed a $25 late fee and/or other fee's stated in your contract. Checks to: Diane Martinson Music, Inc. 6304 Barrie Rd. Suite #2A Edina, MN 55435

Do you take credit cards?

Yes, all credit cards can be entered securely online through Paypal from my web page
link at: online credit Paypal sale. Or the Call In option of using your Visa or Mastercard by filling out the online credit request form first at: credit payment request form then call in with your card number (or fax the number to my secure fax 952.920.8739). *The call in option is subject to a office booking process fee.

How long have you and your musicians been performing?

Diane and most of the musicians have 20 years of professional experience in the music business. Each of the musicians are very knowledgeable as to what's expected for performing specifically at weddings and private party events. These musicians are wonderful friends as well as very talented musicians.

Do you have a regular core group of musicians and subs?

Yes, these musicians have worked together for many years, and in-house substitutions are only made under extenuating circumstances. We have a close group of musicians including sub back up musicians that work and rehearse together regularly, so they are all very familiar with the repertoire music.

Do you play outdoor functions?

Yes, we have portable instruments and sound systems for the groups. Musicians' instruments must be protected from direct sunlight, moisture, and temperature extremes. A tent, shade from a building, or canopy covering will be required to block the direct sunlight and/or rain at most locations. A very shaded, sun blocked area for the band may work if there is also a rain plan in place. Musicians prefer not to play outside in temperatures below 65 degrees or in extreme wind. Ask your location coordinator if they have an extension cord available if we are bringing our portable piano and vocalist PA sound system. A Battery operated piano keyboard and vocal sound system is available by request. *A Caroling Company would need to wear styled coats over their costumes if outside singing during inclement weather, ask Diane for more specifics.

What do you offer for Eco-Friendly Green Weddings?

A Battery Powered sound PA that supplies microphones for vocalist (and officiant), and powers a piano keyboard. Musicians are accessible to many non- traditional locations. The battery system is charged from our office powered by Windsource energy. Utilizing more than one musician or group from one provider also cuts down on emissions and Diane Martinson Music,Inc. provides a combination or musicians that easily transition from ceremony musicians to reception musicians.

Is Diane Martinson Music, Inc. a LGBT-Friendly Business?

singing for LGBT couples since 1999Yes, I have been singing at Twin Cities LGBT weddings and events for years.

Do you travel outside the greater Twin Cities area?

When traveling 30 miles outside of the downtown Twin Cities area we charge the IRS standard (current 50.5 cents) a mile per car / musician for mileage. For travel out of Minnesota, or more than 50 miles outside the Twin City metro, when the reception ends after 11:00 Pm; we also require clients to provide lodging and provide a meal, or a minimum $20. per musician fee for meals. We will supply the musicians' names for you to book housing and meals. A deposit amount for out of town travel fee's may be required initially, and / or additional fee applied to your remaining balance the week of the event dependent on the current gas / mileage prices at that time. Contact Diane for details / estimates. *Air travel: Diane Martinson will book her own travel out state (car, mileage/ plane tickets etc.) to be stated in the contract.

How do the musicians dress?

Generally in formal black. You may select Tuxes / formal wear, Suit and tie / semi- formal, or business casual attire on the booking form. A Caroling Company has Dickens's style victorian costumes.


Is the music consultation free?

Yes, a complimentary consultation to plan song placement and preview ceremony music options is provided 4 months before your wedding. I will sing and play through music options for you, and review any special requests. It's best to have a copy of your ceremony outline from your officiant for our meeting.

Is hearing the musician in person important before hiring them?

It's not necessary for veteran wedding singers, musicians, and bands to be heard in person first since these professionals have proven themselves through many successful years of experience. Today event professionals have their audio / video demo samples online for easy planning, as well as hard copy sample demo to mail. Listen to the samples online to find musicians that fit your style. You can rely on their years of experience, reviews and references from couples and industry professionals. If the singer or band is not typically a professional wedding musician then seeing them and listening to them in person IS advised.

Do the ceremony musicians come to the wedding rehearsal?

It is not necessary for the musicians to come to the wedding rehearsal, that time is for your officiant. The details of the ceremony music are worked out at the consultation meeting, over the phone, and email to ensure that your ceremony runs smoothly. We will time the music to you, so you don't need to be concerned about the length or tempo of the music. We always go over the music cues with the officiant prior to the ceremony. Special arrangements could be made for rehearsals at an additional cost of $50 per musician.

For ceremony vocalist and pianist, what number of songs are needed?

All music required for your ceremony will be provided by the pianist/instrumentalists (prelude, processional, recessional, postlude) and vocalist (Diane) will provide 2 vocal solos. Many times additional vocal songs are added, some popular spots are at the prelude or blessing section, you can select as many vocal solos as you'd like, they are generally $25. each (pending special requests) this can be decided at the consultation. Catholic Mass weddings have more music dependent on the mass setting.

Will you sing with my provided church organist, or only your pianist?

Yes, I often sing with church provided organists, and other instrumentalists. I offer my pianist (and instrumentalists) to accompany me making available a wider variety of song choices, customized song requests, a beautifully enhanced music experience, and easy music planning. The same song selections and music may not be offered from the other provided instrumentalists. *My pianist is offered at a reduced rate if only accompanying my vocal songs, while your instrumentalist provides the rest of the ceremony music.


What are the space and electrical requirements for bands / musicians?

4 x 6 ft. for up to three musicians, 6 x 10 ft. for quartet to five musicians, 10 x 12 ft. for the 6 pc. jazz /swing band. Elevation band- 6 piece band- (12 x 12) ft. space, the 7 pc. band- (12 x 16), and for the 8 pc. band a (14 x 18) space.
One electrical outlet is required for musicians who bring electrical amplified instruments or vocal microphone and speaker PA. We can bring all the other equipment needed including up to 100 ft of extension cord if notified. A covering canopy, tent, or building shelter must be supplied for outdoor events, the musicians' equipment must be protected from direct sunlight, precipitation ,and windy areas.
The String Trio also requires three armless chairs to be provided by the location.

What musicians make up Elevation's 6, 7, and 8-piece band?

8-piece Elevation band: Piano Keyboard, Bass, Drums, Guitar, Female & Male Lead and Backup Vocalists (5 total), Saxophone, & Trumpet
7-piece Elevation band: Piano Keyboard, Bass, Drums, Guitar, Female & Male Lead and Backup Vocalists (4 total), & Saxophone
6-piece Elevation band: Piano Keyboard, Bass, Drums, Guitar, and Female & Male Lead and Backup Vocalists (4 total)

Do you bring a sound PA and lighting?

We will bring our musician and band sound PA systems. Elevation has colored flood lighting for the band (not a dj style light setup).

When does the band arrive?

An hour before start time for the Jazz groups, and 2 to 2½ hours before start time for Elevation band. Ceremony musicians arrive 45 minutes before the ceremony. The musicians are very quiet and respectful during their set up. We are able to carry in all equipment through the main doors, however some locations require loading dock instructions. I will make initial arrangements with your contact person at the facility for our load in and setup, and then again in the week before the event date.

What is your break policy?

We will work with your schedule and otherwise follow the default break policy stated in the contract. Musicians require breaks if playing over 1 hour, and our bands offer to play recorded music during breaks to keep the music ongoing. The default policy is one 15 minute break for every hour OR as arranged to best fit your schedule for the evening. You are also welcome to request that your CD's be played during a band break, otherwise we will provide recorded music.

Will the musicians need to be fed at the reception?

If musicians will be at your event for more than 3.5 hours (including set up time) a plate of sandwiches, appetizers, or meal is recommended. This is not required, yet it is very appreciated. Let me know if you will be extending any food and/or beverage invitations, musicians will otherwise make arrangements to bring or buy their meal out for during one of the breaks. The musicians do not need to eat in the same area with your guests, they can eat elsewhere, arranging for a break area for the band is helpful. We are always keenly aware of the time restraints and adhere to the schedule regarding breaks so as not to interfere with the evenings schedule.

Are there any upcoming performances where we could see the band live?

This company of musicians specialize in private events. We can not officially invite our potential clients to our current clients' private events. We always want to respect the privacy of our clients. Additionally, we like to tailor the music performed for each event group, and it may be a different presentation than the one you would select. We hope that you are able to make your musical decision based upon our promotional material. We provide online video clips and audio samples of our live performances, so you can see how we are in a variety of locations. You are encouraged to email or call Diane with any concerns or planning questions you may have, you will get a timely response. If there is a rare upcoming public performance she will let you know. Sometimes a visit at our casual rehearsal is possible, it depends on scheduling.

Do you take requests?

We welcome special requests. If it's a new special request song we will need the song title, piano/vocal sheet music, and a recording forwarded to Diane 3-4 months in advance of the performance. The special request charges vary $30. -to $100. depending on the music, how many instruments are needed, and the time frame. Diane can assist you with the music arrangements, and offer the best way to include your request.

Should I tip the musicians?

A gratuity charge is not in our contracts, and tips aren't mandatory. If you choose to thank musicians for their wonderful service, a tip to Diane to be distributed, is very much appreciated.

Can we use your microphone for announcements?

It must be pre arranged. It is recommended to first ask your location if they offer a Microphone or PA sound system for your toasts and speeches. Many locations have cordless microphones available for their clients if requested. Otherwise arrangements can be made for an extra corded microphone for toasts and speeches or additional microphones for your ceremony, there will be an additional charge, please notify Diane in advance.

Will you make announcements for the couple's first dance, the dollar dance, etc?

Yes, I will be happy to make announcements. If you would like to have your own person do that for you we are happy to work with them too.

Contact Diane to check a date and more info